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«Visiting local markets becomes a trully memorable experience when traveling. On the local markets you experience the rythm of live when mingling with locals, you discover and buy unique gastronomic products, you meet the producers, the food is fresh and good, the colours and fragancy are different…. It becomes a real cultural experience and a good way to connect with the place your are visiting».

The «Feria Km0 Gran Canaria» is a local food fair, which takes place several times throughout the year, in different villages of Gran Canaria. It accounts with the participation of local producers coming from all over the Island. This fair promotes the local economy, employment, resources for the rural areas, sustainability, as well as the Island’s landscape preservation.   The next «Feria Km0 Gran Canaria» will take place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, on October 16th and 17th, 2021. (Note: This fair is organised following COVID-19 protocols). 

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Why should you attend the "Feria Km0 Gran Canaria"?

  • Feeling of integration

    You will feel more integrated with Gran Canaria after you have visited the “Feria Km0 Gran Canaria”. This fair will give you the chance to meet the local actors.

  • Sense of uniqueness and meaningfulness

    You will feel the sense of uniqueness and meaningfulness as you will discover different product and different ways to make and show them. You will have an experience which will prolong over the time, since you have approached real Gran Canaria.

  • Sense of authenticity and engagement

    You will feel authenticity and engagement with us, the locals, and at the same time when you buy something at the Fair you are taking something from us to home. Your visit to the Island will be perceived as more authentic and long lasting.

  • Help the local economy

    When you buy the local produced products you are helping the Island economy and helping to preserve the rural areas and the jobs which depends on those products.

  • Help landscape preservation

    The daily work of local producers have a big impact over the Island landscape.

  • Island's sustainability

    Local products require little transportation from the place where they are produced to the place where you are staying in Gran Canaria, this become a mayor support to a more sustainable present and future.

Feria Km0 Gran Canaria coming editions



Local markets and fairs directory

Visiting the Island through the wineries, farms, cheese factories and others

Below you will find some of the wineries, farms or food and drink factories open for visitors in Gran Canaria. All of them are very interesting and most of them are really charming or historical places. These places will give you a chance of sightseeing, learning about the local culture, taste the local products and even buy them. In all cases, we recommend you that before visiting them, you confirm with the venues the days and visits timetable.


The Zafra Museum tells us the recent history of the municipality of Santa Lucia, intimately related to the cultivation and packaging of tomato in the lower part of the municipality. In 12 rooms arranged on an area of 4,000 m2 we are shown the different phases of tomato production, as well as the life of the "sharecros" who served the lands. Visiting the Zafra Museum will bring us closer to learning about many aspects of life and work that the primary sector entails and that has significantly marked the development of the southeast of Gran Canaria until recent times. It is an excellently documented and presented museum that allows us to learn more about the recent history of the island through the work done for tomato production.

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